Cibodas Botanical Garden

  • Cibodas Botanical Garden is one of four Indonesia park which managed by LIPI (Indonesia Institute of Science). The vision is to become one of the best park in the world on conservation and research, enviromental education services, and tourism. It's mission is to preseve the high wet tropical plant, develop the research of conservation and and making the efficient use of high wet tropical plant, developing enviromental education to increase science and public appreciation on the importance of enviroment and plant to life, and to improve the quality of services to the community.
  • Cibodas event Refers to one of the mission, improving the quality service to the community, Cibodas Garden provides various services and facilities such as guest-house rental, meeting room rental, equipment and electricity rental and the others. Besides that Cibodas Garden also provides rental space for a pre-wedding photos, sinetron and film shooting, advertising, video clips and other shooting events and scouting activities.
  • The visitors have the various destinations that is recreation, education, photo taking, and so on. The Park provides those services to make it easy and satisfying when the visitors come.
  • The activities that often conducted in Cibodas botanical garden are pre-wedding takin photo and a variety of shooting activities. The reason is Cibodas Park has a good scene due to situated in the mountain slopes of Gede Pangrango and also has a place or objects of interest such bryophyte park, Rhododendron park, water fall, Araucaria street large pond, guest house, and others. Almost everyday, there is a photo-taking activities for pre-wedding. Cibodas event
  • Shooting The most favourite place often used for shooting activities are Araucaria street, water fall, large pond. In addition, Cibodas botanical garden also often used as a place to celebrate birthday party from any company, reunion and farewell party. In the effort of increasing the umber of visitors with various destinations, Cibodas botanical garden tries as closely as possible to provide the best services for the convenience and satisfaction of the visitors.
  • Tourism is success when we apply Sapta Pesona. Sapta Pesona is seven conditions that must be applied in order to attract tourists to visit so they will be satisfied and extend the stay (Lenght of stay) in a region, and have satisfaction on the visit including safety, orderly, clean, cool, valuable, friendly and memorable. These seven factors are very important to make the tourits want to come back.

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