Heritage Menu


Complimenting our Heritage Restaurant and Hotel, Our Heritage Menus are prepared in consistently maintained favored recipes and cooked in the same ways as in the old days....


Puncak Pass Pannekoek
Pancake Puncak Pass style served with palm sugar syrup.
Kue dadar a la Puncak Pass disajikan dengan sirup gula aren.

Bitter Ballen
Chicken meat ball served with mustard sauce.
Bola-bola ayam dengan campuran agar -agar,terigu dan keju, disajikan dengan saos mustard.
Hollandsche Poffertjes
Old style of Dutch cake
served with icing sugar
Kue khas Belanda
disajikan dengan gula

Erwten Soup
Green peas soup with sliced of beef sausages.
Sop kacang polong a la Belanda yang gurih dengan irisan sosis sapi.